3 Most Important Things About Writing Your Resume

A resume is necessarily an account of one’s qualifications, career and achievements, typically prepared by a person applying for a job. But HR Managers say that though some resumes stand out and grab attention immediately, most resumes are downright boring and unimaginative. As you type in your qualifications, skills and experience, do you really give any thought to what the employers wants to see in your resume?  

Typically, the hiring managers spend less than a minute on scanning each resume. This clearly means that you have less than a minute to impress you way into the interview! How do you do that? The key is to keep it short and precise. Here are the 3 Most Important Things That MUST be kept in mind while writing your resume. 

1. Personal Advertisement: Your resume is your own personal advertisement. It is your introduction to the hiring manager, and it HAS TO BE positive. Your resume should track your career moves and highlight your achievements. It should enumerate the things you did and should also say how well you did those things. Wherever possible, substantiate your claims with data and statistics.
Typically, managers are interested in any initiatives taken by a candidate that affect the bottom-line of the company. Sales drives and cost-cutting initiatives are good examples. 

2. Interview Call: The only purpose of sending out a resume is to get the call for an interview. Keep this in mind while composing your resume. Anything that helps in getting the interview call must go on the resume, and vice versa. When in doubt about mentioning something, it is best to leave it out. The hiring managers would be interested in meeting you only if they feel that you can solve their problems or perform the job at hand. So your resume should be composed keeping in mind the exact demands of the position you are applying for.
Sending out a generic resume to everyone does not work very well. Make efforts to align your resume to the needs to each employer you send it to. Attention to detail and a personalised approach will help you in progressing to the interview stage. 

3. Short & Concise: Remember that the manager will spend less than a minute on scanning your resume. A long resume comes across as boring and tiring to read. So keep it simple, short and precise. Show consideration for the hiring managers and don’t put them through the torture of reading the story of your life. Also, a good resume is appealing to the eye and does not demand much effort from the reader.
Keep these 3 things in mind while writing your resume and there is little chance of going wrong. Just remember that you have to create a document that shows your career as a series of achievements and learning, and proves that you are indeed the BEST person for the job you are applying to.

Good Luck! 



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