Brand Promotion

Wouldn’t you like your company name, logo, etc to be seen by thousands of young, educated and internet savvy people? Well, here is a big opportunity. You can now advertise smartly through the job postings on Your company’s name and logo appears on the job posting, thereby maximising the brand recall value. All this, without an over the top advertising budget!

What’s more, will have a special slot where we will run videos of your advertisements such as those which are run on television. Also, will feature the list of Most Preferred or Top Employers. Having your name appear in this list provides you immediate access to the best talent in the country.

So here are few Benefits for you:

1. Stay in front of customers consistently through our very affordable and cost effective advertising.

2. Showcase your Products and Services to millions of key decision makers at our homes .

3. Educate and involve your consumers to gain loyalty.

4. Present your women empowerment initiatives directly to your prospective employees.

5. Hire the right candidate for your organisation.

6. Boost Community Image Ratings.

Many more...

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