How To Deal With A Layoff?


Experts say that the emotional turbulence caused by a layoff is as bad as that due to a divorce or a death in the family. The loss of a job is not merely the loss of a source of income. It means a lot more than that and often leads to a complete loss of faith and self confidence. The worst thing is that you may be laid off one fine day, for no fault of your own. You may lose your job owing to a downsizing in your company, or even due to the closure of your unit. Whatever the reason may be, LAYOFFS are a reality.

It is wrong to link layoffs with a slump in the economy. Though one may expect more layoffs during a recession, a burgeoning economy is no guarantee that your job is secure. People get laid off during all the phases of the economy, regardless of cyclical fluctuations. What should one do if faced with a layoff? How should one keep a balanced view on things while dealing with a layoff?

How To Deal With A Layoff?

Re-Hiring: Almost 20% of people who get laid off are rehired by their companies within a year. As soon as the company is in a position to return to its former scale of operations, the HR guys get busy in calling up the employees who were laid off. This means that even if you get laid off, you should not burn the bridges when you leave. Any option for rehiring should be kept open if you really like/value your job.

Internal Transfer: Sometimes when you get laid off, you are encouraged to apply for other positions within the company in the same or in another division. If you get too emotional about the whole matter, you would probably not take up this advice. But practically speaking, you must apply for internal positions in your company.

Bearer of Bad News: In most companies the HR managers or the immediate superior manager plays the part of "the bearer of bad news". Whoever breaks the news of layoffs is mistrusted and disliked by his/her audience. But if you really think about it, this is not how you should feel. The person who delivers the bad news to you is not necessarily the person who made the decision of laying you off.

Negativity: It is impossible to not feel put out and disturbed by the loss of your job. Yet, how long can you survive on negative feelings? After you lose your job, the priority should be to find a new one asap. But if you let anger and resentment take control of you, it may become very difficult to find a new job. So try to keep a positive attitude and let go of all negativity.

Network: If you have been networking/building contacts like a good professional, this is the time to reap the benfits. Call up all your contacts in the industry and try to find out the positions available that might interest you. For all you know, getting laid off might eventually get you a better position in a better company!

The only reasonable way to deal with layoffs is to maintain a positive attitude and not let this affect your personality in any way. Neither should a layoff mean that you lose self confidence, nor should it make you bitter and angry. Be rational and try to make the best of the situation. Good Luck!


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7 Ways to Cope with a Layoff. Keep Your Emotions in Check. One of the first things you should do is give yourself some time with the impact of being laid off. Get the Information. Regroup and Reframe. Take Stock in Your Finances and Budget. Take Care of Insurance. Hit the Classifieds. Don't Give Up Hope.

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