Should You be An Entrepreneur?

Should You be An Entrepreneur?

A couple of your friends have turned entrepreneurs. You read about entrepreneur success stories in the papers and magazines every now and then. You feel inspired to take the plunge. How nice it would be to give up the boring 9-6 job, and do something of your own! After all, you do have a few exciting ideas, right? But are you really cut out for it? Should you be an entrepreneur?

Many people give up stable and promising corporate careers to satisfy the urge of being on their own. The drive to take control of your life is very strong and many people give in. Some of these people excel at entrepreneurship and create ventures that set new benchmarks. A few people carry on their "business" throughout their life with mediocricy. But a few people fail miserably in their attempt and regret the decision for the rest of their lives. So if you are planning to be an entrepreneur, it is important to do your homework before you take the plunge.

Should You be An Entrepreneur?

Answer the following questions with complete honesty and you will know whether entrepreneurship is for you or not.

What's Your Business Idea? Do you really have a business idea that is worth taking the risk for? Your idea should be new, innovative, customer driven and bankable. What's more, you should be able to garner the investment required to start this venture.

Do You Like Being In Control? Many people like to be told what to do. These people make great workers but "not so good" leaders. What sets apart entrepreneurs is that they like being in control. They make great leaders and prefer to be their own bosses. Ayou such a person?

Do You Like Challenges? Do challenges scare you, or do you find them exciting? Do you see problems as obstructions or do you view them as opportunities to learn new things? Entrepreneurs face many challenges, so it won't do if you are scared of challenges.

Are You Conventional? Modern business world is about breaking a lot of conventions.  If you are too conventional and set in your ways, things are going to be tough. Successful businesses are almost always based on unconventional ideas.

Are You Open To Learning? An entrepreneur needs to constantly learn new things and reinvent himself/herself. Does the prospect of lifelong learning make you happy?

Are You Hungy For Success? Everyone likes to win a game, but very few people have a passionate hunger for winning. Are you one of them?

If you have answered "yes" for all these questions, there's an entrepreneur in you. So go and set her free! Good Luck!



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Many people dream of starting their own businesses, but not everyone is cut out for this line of work. If you answer “yes” to a question, you have a hint of an entrepreneur in you. Being an entrepreneur is a lot harder than you think. Like a lot harder. Like probably the hardest thing you've ever worked for and (then even) harder. There are tons of people who want to be entrepreneurs but very few actually know what it takes to be one.

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